Industrial Waterproofing

ISD Solutions is proud to offer a new range of structural waterproofing options that can be implemented as a fully integrated solution, or operated alongside other specialist contractors.

The comprehensive breadth of industrial waterproofing and surfacing options available, provide a technology and manufacturer agnostic solution, encompassing not only the traditional single ply systems, but also more highly specialist systems such as mastic asphalt and green roofing.

Mastic Asphalt

One of civilisation’s oldest construction materials, mastic asphalt is still the perfect surfacing material for a wide variety of construction applications, where a high-quality, smooth, durable surface is required.

Offering 100% waterproof integrity in projects such as industrial roofing, bridge decks and tanking, asphalt mastic also provides a tough surface for paved areas and flooring.

Despite its traditional heritage, the development of mastic asphalt has continued to evolve over time, perfectly complementing our current hi-tech building industry and fully compliant with the CarbonZero standard.

Hot Melt Waterproofing

With an increasing market demand for roofs that fulfil multiple purposes; plant installation, public amenity, access, even storage, there is a need for cost-effective, robust, long lasting, structural waterproofing solutions. Hot melt waterproofing systems have a proven track record of life expectancy, performance, tolerance to wide extremes of weather and generate excellent return on investment.

Environmental Applications – Green Roofing, Brown Roofing

A structural waterproofing solution utilising hot melt offers the perfect blend of performance, ease of application and cost efficiency to provide a long lasting substrate that is ideal for many environmental applications such as green and brown roofs that use recycled materials as ballast.

Liquid Roofing Systems

Where heat cannot be applied, full access is a problem or the deck is an awkward shape, a liquid roofing system can be an excellent alternative to other more usual structural waterproofing solutions. Ideal for either new-build or refurbishment of all commercial buildings, liquid applied waterproofing systems can provide the answer to solve difficult roofing projects.

Single-Ply Roofing Systems

With a low build cost, coupled with the capability for rapid construction, single ply roofing technology offers high thermal performance and flexibility in roof design.

Built up Felt Roofing

Built up felt roofing using bituminous membranes are arguably the most economic flat roofs for the widest variety of applications. Built up felt roofing can be used on all types of timber, metal and concrete decks to provide a low-cost and durable structural waterproofing solution.


Firewall & Data - Spotlight project

ISD Solutions installed a complete fire rated passive fire solution incorporating fire rated walls, windows, ceilings and doors, for Hydraforce Advanced Manufacturing Hub


Special Projects - Spotlight project

ISD Solutions secured the contract to provide a full range of composite panel systems within a major development for Sainburys.


Retail - Spotlight project

ISD Retail Division provided a diverse freezer and cold room installation for the Fish Market at New Smithfields Manchester.


Coldstores - Spotlight project

ISD Solutions complete clean room construction food processing installation for for premium desert manufacturer Rhokett



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Ray Barry – Jungheinrich

"I found ISD & Justin Groome particularly to be a valuable well knowledgeable sub contractor to have on a project such as this, Justin himself co-ordinated the project well ensuring all design information, labour and...." Read more...
Anthony Nelson – Project Manager, WINVIC

"This is the first project undertaken with ISD Solutions and together we have value engineered a turnkey solution to meet the strict clean production requirements." Read more...
Rachel Utting – Project manager at Bassaire

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