Bespoke Cold Rooms

Backed by ISD’s high-quality in-house manufacturing, ISD can build a room tailored specifically to suit your specific storage needs. ISD design engineers can recommend the appropriate construction panel specification,  engineering solution and cold room equipment for the space available, taking into consideration any specific needs.

Off the Peg Cold Rooms

From ISD, customers can pick from a range of the most popular cold store sizes and purchase everything they need to build their own modular cold store including the recommended chiller or freezer unit for space and need.  All off the peg modular cold rooms from ISD come complete with floor, ceiling and wall panels, Panel Mounted Compressor, Digital control, and lighting.

Stowaway Shelving

The challenge with any chilled storage facility, or warehouse, is that you often need to be able to stack boxes when you want to maximise space utilisation, for example for palletised goods, but also have shelving available to store smaller cartons.

To have both, usually means a compromise, sacrificing space efficiency for flexibility. With Stowaway Shelving from ISD, you have a highly flexible shelving solution that can be folded up or down in seconds to customise your own perfect storage space.

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